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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Interlude 1

"..where the climate is cold..."
"What are you listening to over there? You've really been rocking out!"

"Nothing! I...I mean you know, just the usual, a little Gaga, a little..ah..."
"Dude, you covered up your player the second I came over here. Show me!"
"No! It's shy...I mean it's broken...I'm actually nuts and I was listening to the music in my head!"

"Riiiight! Let's just see what we have here..."
"Noooo! I think I hear a tornado siren! No time for that, we have to run! Or...or..I think I hear the UPS truck, you better go get that!"

"Hall...and....Oates?! You were rocking out to HALL AND OATES?! Oh God, I can't take this! My sides hurt! TOO. MUCH. FAIL!!!!"

"Hey, you big creep! It's not funny! They're classic and they have the word 'oat' in their name so ponies are supposed to listen to them!"
"Supposed to?! You're killing me! I need to get away from you before you mar my music tastes!"

"Oh yeah?! So what does your holier-than-thou fat butt listen to?!"

"I listen to music that is awesome, unlike you!"
"Is that so? Unngh.... let's just drag your player over here and see what's on your sacred playlist!"
"We don't need to do that! You should just take my word for it, because..."


"I gotta trot outta here before the FAIL TRAIN that is your music taste runs me over! AHAHAHA!"


  1. I just about died when I saw the Vanilla Ice picture on the Zune! TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OMG it took Brian and I a long time to figure out an appropriately bad 80s artist....let's face it, we can even say decent things about Hammer before we'd praise Vanilla Ice >_>
    ::waits for Vanilla Ice fans to light the torches::

    However, I LOVE Hall & Oates so I'm ripping on myself here....