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Friday, July 1, 2011

Nod to the Bronies

Working on some posts. Granted, I have a clog of stories for the Episodes that is truly fearsome at this point, but the next Episode hinges on the creation of a trailer (as in the kind you hitch to your car) and so far all I have is a pathetic heap of Tinkertoys that is aspiring to be a trailer someday. So, of course, it's a lot easier to crank out some Interludes while I continue to hope that the pile of Tinkertoys will magically become a trailer on its own some night.

So, Bronies. I'm still kind of blown away by the whole Brony thing because just a few short months ago a lot of pony people kind of had to keep it on the DL, Fluttershy-style, when it came to pony adoration. Though the haters usually did me a favor by outing themselves as wastes of my time before I had to waste any of it on them. Really? So being into a fun, innocent collectors' group and loving it is beyond your scope of what adults do? Yay! Do not pass Go! Do not collect $200! Go directly to Not My Kind Of Person Avenue! Kindly turn out the lights as you leave! Noooooooow, we not only have grown-up dudes watching Friendship is Magic but they're being loud and proud about it.

And they say society is spiraling the drain! Unpossible. Boys are watching My Little Pony. Boys of the adult man variety. DH is watching FiM as I write this. How does that hoofprint in your bee-hind feel, haters? Enjoying that hoofburn?! Wishing you hadn't said anyth.....urghhh...I know...I know! Less neener-neener, more love and rainbows, right? 

Bronies, I salute you. I will be honoring you here on PTT with some Interludes of your very own.

Real men know the others just need to be 20% cooler.


  1. Ok...TRY #2...%@$#*%@$#!!!!!!!

    And I thought I was angry before with what it took to get my account re-setup. I'm now a fan twice but as it seems there is no earthly way possible to get to my previous account thanks to the new account bunnies, I now have my picture up twice.

    Ok, rage comic face fading. So where was I....oh yeah, ok so how did I get here? This one started with a seemingly innocent trip with my wife (who runs this site), and I heading to the 'rents storage area to collect some of her old toys. Out comes some of her old My Little Ponies and a few playsets, and it begins...

    Being married to Anne is a source of constant entertainment. Really I never do know what each day will hold or what new obsession may crop up overnight. It makes waking up each day an adventure. And I don't say this in any bad way...Anne is chock full of passion, and I'm always up for an adventure so we have a lot of fun.

    Ok, am getting sidetracked as we start exploring first to replace some friends lost from the herd and then to add new jems we discover along the way. For me this became a treasure hunt (which totally plays into my love for the Goonies), complete with boobie traps of falling thrift store avalanches while searching the hidden bottom shelves.

    Second for me came helping out with the blog entries, which included many nights of laughter and randomness. We had also found out that they were coming out with the new show, and the countdown here had begun. As to this day, I still am generally a much taller and older child than the garden variety, cartoons still grace the TV more often than just aboiut anything else.

    D-Day finally arrives and we both sit down to see what MLP:FIM would be like..."hey, its not too bad...actually its pretty good...yanno hon, this as really good...OMG, this is so totally the s**t!!!!" That's about how my side of the conversation went. But its a pilot, maybe the rest will be not as good. A week later and nope, still totally the s**t!!! Before I knew it, I found myself bummed out that I would have to wait a full week until the next episode. I even managed a few times to see the show even before Anne.

    So yep, I'm hooked. I'll admit it, I'm a Bronie, totally, utterly, loud and proud. Now excuse me as I still have a few episodes to catch up on that I missed while travelling.

  2. Oh, don't ask why I typed Bronie instead of Brony...brain fart after fighting with a laptop just begging to be thrown out of a very high window.

  3. And that's my DH, everyone! He'll be here all week. Be sure to try the Equestria Iced Teas, they really pack a whallop.

    Thanks for putting in your comments, hun. :) The truth is it was the infamous "Applejack cannot sleep, MUST. PICK. APPLES." episode that got us both hooked. That was PAINFUL.