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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Are You Pony and Proud?

Guys and gals, do you like to flaunt the fact that you're a pony collector? Or do you like to keep it on the down-low? Even more importantly, if you had access to things that tell other people about your passion, like tees or bags, would you be all over those or running for the hills? What kind of "I'm a Pony Collector!" things have you been hoping and dreaming would someday exist?


  1. I flaunt my pony collection! At this point I think everyone knows I'm a lunatic in general, so there'd be no point in hiding it. I even wear my vintage MLP tees to the gym...

  2. I FINALLY have a display cabinet to display my ponies! I'm not 100% happy with how they are displayed right now but I'm glad they are out of the storage box ;)

  3. LOL Mich!!! :) I'm right there with you. So what pony collector stuff would you want? We all must come clean about our pony obsessions...come out into the light!

  4. I'm trying to save up for a big curio cabinet to put all the ponies in--like a nice wooden one with a glass front. Then the ponies can actually go out on display! :D At the mo' they're all under the bed, except for the 7 I keep on display in that stable carrying case. They're on rotation every month or so....
    I'd also really like Majesty and her castle. You'd think a die hard collector would have that as one of the basics, but I guess I just haven't got round to buying one yet!


  5. That's what I ended up doing myself, Mich, and I think you'll love it when you get one! Mine is already stuffed to exploding with hundreds of other ponies in storage while I figure out the eternal pony collector display questions for myself. I keep the most valuable ones behind glass on the top shelf, far away from the clutches of my cat and (new) kitten. My bunny also gets what DH calls "The Nibbles" and when she goes into that mode, nothing is safe. We have to replace remotes often because most of the buttons end up coming out the bunny's back side if we forget to get it off the floor. How big is your collection getting, by the way?

    A friend of mine keeps getting the Detolf curio cabinet from Ikea for her stuff. They're like $80 bucks if that and while they're all-metal, not wood, they're cheap and a good stand-in for a big wood one. I've always had a thing for curio cabinets but they were always just a bit too expensive to swing for the longest time. :p

    The castle is so it. My childhood one was stolen and the replacement I have right now isn't in the best shape, but I've got my original Majesty and Spike though! I have a number of Majestys at this point (the point where selling ponies becomes a necessity or you start making furniture out of them just so you don't get overrun) and I've noticed they're like Peachys...variations galore! The one that I don't have that seems odd to not have is Snuzzle. I've always loved her colors, even when I was a kid, and yet I've never owned her! Time to fix that...

  6. Actually the Detolfs are $ were close! :)As for something I'd like to get back, I would love to replace my lullabye nursery. Next to paradise estate, that was my favorite playset. I still have most of the smaller pieces!

  7. Even cheaper...rare to hear that one anymore LOL. Man, I take back what I said on the Nurserys, they seem to be going up again! There's still a lot but I don't see them going for $10-15 like I saw last year (which amazed me!).

    Mich, BTW, thanks for linking to my blog! :) I was cracking up over the cartoons on your site LOL