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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Miss Me?

Hi all. :) It's been a crazy couple of months, but my schedule is finally clearing up enough to come join you guys at the site and at Arena again. I had to keep focused on too many random things to throw "OMG I HAVE TO DO A BLOG ENTRY!!!!!111!!!1 RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!" into the flaming heap of things to worry endlessly about, which I would have inevitably done. I've had a tragedy and some triumphs, along with a new member of the family joining us, but I'm otherwise intact and fairly sane still. More on that some other time. I also managed to get not one but two 5K runs out of the way and I think I'm done with them for now. Not because of lack of interest but due to the fact that we've entered the time of year where weather is a crapshoot. Will I get a nice, misty, crisp summer morning or a scorcher that requires a firetruck to follow behind you and blast you with water to avoid heat stroke? I adore summer and blazing heat, but running in 95% humidity on an 85 degree morning isn't pleasant no matter what way you cut it.

I have also had a grand total of 0 G1 ponies added to my herd. I did manage to strike a minor goldmine day at a thrift store of G3 goodies, but we all know the Holy Grail of pony hunting is that .99 cent bag of G1s. I've been holding out hope for new G4s and I must have missed some memo about them being lost in a time warp because I've seen not a single ray of light shining on a reason they'll be coming my way soon. A large amount of my collection had to be put in storage for a while due to work in our home, so I didn't have a way to do entries or a place to welcome newcomers to anyway. Some fortunes have changed, however, that make me predict new ponies will be coming my way this summer. :) Time to go drag the charges out of storage so they can get ready for their close-ups.

I have noticed, however, that FiM has become an Internet phenomenon, even attracting a crowd of "bronies" who watch the show under the cover of darkness while their roommates or girlfriends are asleep. Or who knows, maybe they're openly flaunting their broniness by the light of day at this point. When even the dudes know who Rainbow Dash and Rarity are, you know the show has people's attentions. It's pretty awesome that after all these years the Ponies are still winning hearts. Only goes to show that the 80s had to have been the best decade to be a kid yet!

Had any good pony luck while I've been gone? Or bad pony luck, for that matter? And hey, I appreciate you sticking around with me! I have more ponies to give away, you know. :) Tons, in fact. I even have a nice big stash to sell along the way. Pony people need to hang around other pony people...what other people are going to understand why we're crying wretched tears of blood over the angst of losing that auction with Mimic and Munchy in it?

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