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Friday, December 31, 2010

Episode 1-5

Season's greetings, ho ho ho! Christmas drained me dry, so my energy is no mo'! Finally, here's the start of more eppies to help if your mood's pretty low!

Back at Rainbowville, the Fakie friends had finally taken a ride on the blasted coaster they waited all day for. The little Fakie was so hungry at that point she could have eaten twenty bales of hay, so a stop at the park's ice cream parlor was a must. No one was quite sure why the bunnies had designed the ice cream place to look like a shoe, considering a shoe is just about the last thing a pony would think of when it comes to a place to get treats. Was it supposed to be something to do with Old Mother Horsebbard? The bunnies probably found it somewhere cheap and couldn't resist it. Whatever the case, it was about to get slammed with the biggest order of the day when the starving Fakies showed up....

"This isn't going to do it. I'm so hungry! Thank goodness there's no buffet in here or I'd eat my weight in oats!"
"Geeze, you want more? You've had seven sundaes already!"

 "'s your order. Um, do you want...anything else?"
"Maybe. Let me get this down the hatch and see where I'm at then."
"Ever heard of diabetes?! Ever heard of cholesterol?! It's probably all made with high fructose corn syrup and trans fats and..."
Suddenly there was a huge commotion outside...

 All the ponies in the area turned to look at a pony and then went completely nuts when they saw whoever it was. The Fakies wondered if it was just a parade or something but the high-pitched whinnies of the ponies told them it was probably someone else.....

 "Should I duck and cover or what?! They're screaming their heads off!"
"Dude, I think they're screaming at somepony, 'cuz they're all looking in one direction and I see a pony comin'. Who is it, Elvis?!"

"Um...alright? How cute could this pony possibly be to make everyone insane?!"


 It was him. The stallion that made every pony around him keel over in fits of hysteria. Nobody knew where he lived or what he did, but everyone knew he was the heartthrob of the entire land. He called himself a "punk cowboy" and the name fit, considering he had lassoed the heart of every young filly he met....

 Mr. Punk, along with his buddy, loved coming to Rainbowville because they had their pick of any girl pony in the place.  He looked like a tough pony but he was actually a nice dude, which just served to make the fillies even more crazy for him. The little Fakie could hardly believe such a handsome pony even existed, but don't kid yourself...she would have never imagined having a chance with him. He started trotting towards the ice cream parlor and the little Fakie felt a cold sweat hit her. She felt she was so ugly, she was embarrassed to even be in this stallion's presence.

Aaaaand sure enough, along came the little herd of snob ponies. Everypony hated these three because they had no shame. Not a stitch. They'd steal your date from you right before your eyes. They'd go flirt with your boyfriend and tell him to ditch you. No matter what you wore, they always had something better on that took every bit of attention away from you. All the ponies knew what was next..

1) Snobby, witchy queen bee pony walks up to cute pony
2) Cute pony forgets any other pony ever existed
3) Rotten, dirty, scumball pony leaves with cute pony

They walked confidently towards the hunky pony with smirks on their faces. You could hear the other girl ponies already starting to groan. Miss Queen Bee Pony, flanked by her two "henchgirls," had zeroed in on the cowboy cutie and no pony was going to stop her...

"Hi there, handsome."

"Oh. Wow. Hello. What do you know?...."

"A totally snobby Little Miss Perfect! Sorry baby, I got better things to do than talk to you, like pick my hooves."

You could have heard a horseshoe nail drop. Nopony was saying it, but you knew what was going through their heads: ZOMG I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING ZOMG. But what happened next shocked them all to an even greater degree. He cantered up to the little Fakie, creating a little cloud of dust behind him as he screeched to a halt just a few inches from her face.

 "Did you know you're just like heaven?"

The Fakie took off. She did a spin and then hurtled herself over the patio ledge of the parlor, knocking things over and sending her desserts crashing to the ground. Hot fudge splattered the wall, ice cream trickled down the tipped-over chairs, and a single cherry rolled to a stop in front of the stallion. He was shocked. Did he have something in his teeth? Did his deodorant stop working?

He had to find out what happened. Turning to face the Fakie's friend, he felt a combination of anger and sadness. There was just something about her. She hadn't said a word to him but he felt himself falling for her already. Those big, mournful eyes! Like she's hiding something. Like she needs love. But she ran from me!

"Honey, I've had a lot of gals give me a, like, weird reaction, but I ain't never seen that. What have I, what have I, what have I done to deserve this?"
"Honestly? I dunno if she thinks a guy like you would ever talk to her."

"I'll stop the world and melt with her if it's the last thing I do."


The queen bee didn't take that rejection so well. You gotta be a little gentle on her, seeing it was, you know, only the first time she'd ever been turned down. Don't you feel bad for her?
"Like, ohhhh my God, you have to stop eating those nuts! I know you're upset but like, you're going to get like soooooo fat if you don't stop!"
"Just, like, leave me alone! Like, ALONE!"
"Um, if you're too fat to fit in that jacket now, can, like, I have it?"

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More On Contests

UPDATE: Okay, friends, I'd really like to roll this contest out in time for New Year's :) I have some takers, so please drop me a comment if you're interested in being a part of the fun. I'd like to have at least 10 entrants for competition's sake...The Karate Kid would have sucked if the ending was just "Oh, you win, your opponent was busy in the bathroom." Looking at potential pony prizes, a Twice As Fancy Milky Way is my first choice, but there are others I may offer up... :)

The fabulous Bohemian from Arena lit a fire under my creativity's butt in regards to a potential pony giveaway contest. How about a great, glorious, grand gphoto gcontest gcalled....

Your New Year's Resolution Using Ponies
(And Other Toys Your Mother Wanted You To Throw Out Twenty Years Ago)?

The deets: Tell us what your NYR is, be it hopeful, funny, deadly serious, the annual renewal of oft-failed NYRs such as weight loss, and so on. You're more than welcome to use other 80s toys as long as a pony is used somehow to describe your resolution (as in, make the pony part of the story rather than just have her/him be a bystander). [A little change: You may use toys of YOUR childhood as well if you're not a kid of the 80s! G2 kids, for example, welcome! I just ask that you use toys you loved as a kid, nothing exclusively modern such as Monster High] I'll come up with a few appetizer photos to give you some ideas. The winner shall be crowned through judging by myself and the Helpful Friends behind the scenes at of PTT. Or we can do a poll if you don't trust us. And the winner shall be the new owner of a G1 My Little Pony. We can figure out who you guys want to be the prize down the road.

So what do you think?

New post coming soon. I needed to customize one of the favorite Brother ponies to pull this one off, so if you like the guy ponies, you'll love the new episode.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Welcome X-Eers and MLP Arena members!

Welcome to those arriving from X-E  and
 MLP Arena!
 I've recently shared my blog link with the fine folks of these sites and extend greetings to anyone who has clicked to me from there. Thanks for stopping by! X-Entertainment is one of the Intarweb's best 80s nostalgia sites, hands-down and I highly suggest anyone who feels lucky to have been a kid in the 80s (or wishes they could have been!) give it a visit. It's especially over-the-top awesome at Christmas!

My Little Pony Arena happens to be a fantastic place for fans of MLPs and even those just curious to learn more about pony toys. Friendly, enthusiastic members of all ages from around the world gather here to socialize, buy, sell, and learn. Take a trip to the Forums to see what I mean. Did you know My Little Ponies were not just a United States thing?

No matter which site you're from, I'd love to hear from you. Say hello, goodbye, good afternoon, or send up a signal flare. Let me know your screenname on either site and feel free to share a link to your own site! Hope you stick around for a while. :)

Interlude 3

 Ahh...a hot cup of cocoa on a cold winter's day. All bundled up and warm, time to sit down and enjoy a scan through the new issue of Better Stables & Paddocks. Nothing could disturb this peaceful moment....
Thanks, Aaron Wade!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Black Friday Fallout

Yours truly made the mistake of attempting to brave the Thanksgiving night crowds at Toys R Us in the name of purchasing a "limited edition" Christmas-themed Sing A Ma Jig. I'm sure "limited edition" meant "so few that it will incite a riot" so that the display of the toys resembled a scene akin to throwing a hot dog into a bear pit. But I never made it into said store to see if I was correct. Make no mistake, I tried to go to the store. I was in the general vicinity of the store. I actually had my feet placed on the cement of the plaza in which the store was. I even joined the line of humans also attempting to go into the store. But the line, which stretched the entire length of the plaza, was Queue Line Armageddon. Due to fire code laws, just to compound the problem, the line's movement was based on glacial-migration speeds. See, once the store was filled to capacity, it had to vomit sixty shoppers before they'd allow another sixty shoppers in.

There may still be shoppers in line at this particular store a full week later.

Ponies are not immune to these sorts of problems. They are herding creatures, after all, and when something like the Monster High fever that's hit the country trickles down to them, all hell breaks loose.

Several tiny ponies gather for some playtime. The usual baby toys, like stacking rings and pull toys, are scattered around. The twin babies are perfectly happy with these, until....

"Stack toys is fun! I like! Wanna play stack toy wif us?"
"Stack toys for dumb babies. I has something better."

"Bedder than stack toy?"
"No such ting!"

"Oh yeah? Den look at...."



Later that day, back at home....





"I've just about had it! All I hear day and night is 'MOM WANT WANT WANT' over these piles of zombie plastic crap things! I pulled an all-nighter last night because these two wouldn't leave me alone. And they're totally sold out everywhere so I can't get them anyways!"

"Yeah, Mom, they won't leave me alone either!"
"Well, you wanted to have more kids, we were just fine with these two and now your kids are driving you nuts and I..."

"MY kids?! Oh sure, now that they're doing this, they're MY kids?! Not yours?"
"Totally uncool, Dad. Really lame."

"Look what you did! Now Mom and Dad are fighting because of your STUPID GIRL TOY. Monster High sucks! Bigtime! You two need to SHUT UP about them!"

The twins looked at each other with fire in their eyes. Someone had blasphemed their object of desire! They'd show them!....



Defeated, the twins' parents knew they wouldn't hear the end of it unless they found those dolls. Mom had remembered an ad she'd seen up in town and took Dad to see it...

"This is my last hope. Maybe they'll have extra for this sale. Otherwise, Christmas day is going to be a nightmare. I can hear it now....whinnying from sun up to sun down."
"Wow, no meadow muffins on that 'every foal's must' thing! Those dolls send out a siren song!"


Black Friday rolls around. Mom and Dad trot out in the middle of the night, barely awake and squinting to see, hoping to finally find the dolls at the Toy Stall sale. Surely Black Friday can't be as bad as they heard it could be....

"Okay, so when the doors open, I'll dash in and grab two of those Julio dolls and..."
"Ghoulia! GHOULIA!!! How many times do I have to tell you?! It's the one with glasses on, so don't forget! Please! Besides, it's 3 AM, the place will probably be dead, so what's the rush?"

"Yeah. Dead. Dead jammed to the gills."
"Oh, just SHOOT ME NOW! All these ponies are here for those dolls?!"

The crowd from hell. Every foal in the area wanted a doll and the store was swamped with beleaguered parent ponies. Some were already defeated, some were gearing up for a fight, and all of them were impatient for the doors to open. Every one of them was sure that they would get a doll even if the pony next to them didn't...

"Are the doors opening yet? Has there been any movement? Stand on me and look!"
"I can't see anything moving yet! Door's still shut!"

Even the babies were at the end of their ropes...
"Mommy, diaper FULL! No more room for poo-poo! Stinky! Change me!"

Suddenly the door opened and a manager appeared. She had instructions for the crowd...

"Okay, everyone! We're about to open! We only have a limited amount of Monster High dolls, so we're going to have to make them first come, first served! Please proceed in an orderly single-file line and..."

That did it. Pony mass hysteria. Maybe it was the cold. Maybe it was the massive wait. Maybe it was all that Thanksgiving food giving everyone heartburn. The ponies had snapped. The entire crowd pushed forward at once, every pony struggling to get to the door faster and move ahead in the line. Order and courtesy went out the stable window. In the blink of an eye, the door to Toy Stall was choked with ponies, all kicking, biting, and trampling the others....

"Aaaand the brats will be getting standard Barbies, like it or not. Let's go home, shall we?"


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Forecast Calls For CONTESTS! G4 Ponies Anyone?

I had a rotten Black Friday experience last week, so of course it must be reported through plastic objects. If you're a fan of Monster High dolls, you'll probably doubly appreciate this one....Miss Ghoulia is the star. It's almost done..just a few more pics.

But I really showed up to let you guys know I am cooking up some CONTESTS!

::pauses to let you make excited hand gestures::

At the very least, they'll involve some Generation 1 My Little Ponies; collectors' speak for "Ponies you played with if you're a child of the 80s." But what I'm hoping for is to offer up a brand-spanking-new "Generation 4" Pony- these are the ponies that are the stars of The Hub's new MLP cartoon. I know a lot of people are looking for these, and so am I. Once I track them down, I'm thinking one of these new girls would be a great prize for a lucky reader, don't ya think?

Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments section of this entry. Like the idea of new ponies? Rather have them be old ones? Any thoughts on what kind of contest would be the most interesting? You can post anonymously if you'd like; you don't need to have a Google account or what have you to join in the conversation. I'm a geek for this kind of stuff so I'd love to discuss with y'all how this should come down.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from PTT!

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

The bunnies are so thoughtful! For anyone who might have had a turkey fallout today, they're offering fully-cooked turkeys for a small fee...
"Yes hoomans, we has oo cooked bird if oo too stoopid to do it right! It not that much. If oo can't afford it maybe oo should eat a cardboard terkee!"
No, that's not a mutant bird, I cook my turkeys white meat down :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Episode 1-4

**After a round with a lovely seasonal illness, we're back!**

You'll hopefully remember a scene from Episode 1-1 that revealed big news was on the horizon for the Fakies. We return to that scene to discover just what the news happened to be....

"Everyone, there's a rebellion in the works. We've reached our limits when it comes to Fakie discrimination and we're going to do something about it finally! Recon has shown that the bunnies and the other ponies are working together to keep us repressed, but the bunnies hold most of the power. They must be overthrown! They must be shown that we're not push-overs!"

"And I know where to start. That blasted amusement park! The bunnies run it and I just know that the money they use to keep us downtrodden is coming from our own feedbags when we go to that place! We have to take over the park!"

"You know, it wouldn't be so bad if they just allowed us to have names. Maybe if we go ask politely they'll let us. Bunnies are pretty darn cute, so how can anything so lovable be mean? I think we just need to have some understanding and...."

"Oh, here we go again with that garbage, Ms. Heart Butt! Look, you can get all peace, love, and unity on me but reality says otherwise. We're hosed. They won't let us get any job that lasts more than a couple days and they fire us quickly even if we find one. All we do is roam around trying to find someone or some place that will accept us because of the smear campaign those creeps have going. It ain't gonna get better until we take them out. And worst of all...."

"...we got nuthin' left for some decent food! We're down to feeding the foals old Halloween popcorn balls!"


Back at Rainbowville, misery abounds. The kids love it, of course, having an uncanny ability to ignore the worst of situations if they're having fun, but the grown-up ponies are another story....

The epic line for the new ride was still snaking through most of the park. Despite the cruel ejection of their friend from the line, the other Fakies were so deeply invested in the unbelievable wait that they just couldn't get out after all that time. Now even more irritable and mutinous, they still faced more hours marching through the queue lines. Although the smaller Fakie was just glad to get a day out while her foals were being cared for by the rest of the herd, the larger of the two Fakies was really getting cranky....

"Have you seen it go? I haven't seen it go in a while. Just wait! Now there's going to be an announcement...'The roller coaster is down, all you suckers''s probably broken!"
"I don't really care at this point because I'm so hot and thirsty!"

"You're in luck, then, because I see a pop machine coming up!"

"Four dollars for a CAN?!???"

"I don't care! I'm so thirsty and hot! I need a Coke!!!"
"Well, at least it ain't a RC Cola machine...fine..fine."

"Nothin's happening...I think they're out of Coke!"

"Ugh, alright. Maybe a Sprite then."

"I think you're out of luck again! Nothin's comin' out!"

Five minutes later, after trying more selections....
"Dude, all that's left is TAB!!!!!!! EWWW!!!"

Half an hour later....
"My hooves are KILLING me!"
"Mine too. I'm gonna have nothin' left but bloody stumps by the time this ordeal's over."

Forty five minutes later....
"Here we go again! I haven't seen it run for a while. I think I see maintenance stallions walking towards it!"
But the smaller Fakie has some issues and isn't listening. Something she found in the trash isn't settling well in her tummy....

"Oh man, pies in a pasture....I've got a gas bubble as big as my head. Maybe if I act normal nobody will guess I'm 'letting off some steam.' Hope it doesn't stink..."


"Yep, I am just going to go over there and die of embarrassment!"
"RAIN?! Did you just feel RAIN?!"


Meanwhile, some other unlucky ponies were about to get on one of the park's rides that was poised to have a mishap. The bunnies had ignored the inspector that had said the ride needed work because, after all, that would cost money that wasn't going towards a new ride or the next load of imported organic gourmet carrots for the executive bunnies. So the ponies were boarding, not a care in the world, with no idea that the ride wasn't going to be so pleasant....

"I LOVE this ride!!!!"
"Me too! It's so nice after some of those big, scary ones!"

And then it happened. When the baby pony operator started the ride, she noticed it was spinning awfully fast. And then faster. And then faster still. Before she could call for help the ride was totally out of control!

The ponies were sick beyond belief after that onslaught. They staggered off, so dizzy they could barely stand up...



Ah, just another day at Rainbowville. But how long do the bunnies have before the Fakies wage war?