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Monday, November 15, 2010

Episode 1-4

**After a round with a lovely seasonal illness, we're back!**

You'll hopefully remember a scene from Episode 1-1 that revealed big news was on the horizon for the Fakies. We return to that scene to discover just what the news happened to be....

"Everyone, there's a rebellion in the works. We've reached our limits when it comes to Fakie discrimination and we're going to do something about it finally! Recon has shown that the bunnies and the other ponies are working together to keep us repressed, but the bunnies hold most of the power. They must be overthrown! They must be shown that we're not push-overs!"

"And I know where to start. That blasted amusement park! The bunnies run it and I just know that the money they use to keep us downtrodden is coming from our own feedbags when we go to that place! We have to take over the park!"

"You know, it wouldn't be so bad if they just allowed us to have names. Maybe if we go ask politely they'll let us. Bunnies are pretty darn cute, so how can anything so lovable be mean? I think we just need to have some understanding and...."

"Oh, here we go again with that garbage, Ms. Heart Butt! Look, you can get all peace, love, and unity on me but reality says otherwise. We're hosed. They won't let us get any job that lasts more than a couple days and they fire us quickly even if we find one. All we do is roam around trying to find someone or some place that will accept us because of the smear campaign those creeps have going. It ain't gonna get better until we take them out. And worst of all...."

"...we got nuthin' left for some decent food! We're down to feeding the foals old Halloween popcorn balls!"


Back at Rainbowville, misery abounds. The kids love it, of course, having an uncanny ability to ignore the worst of situations if they're having fun, but the grown-up ponies are another story....

The epic line for the new ride was still snaking through most of the park. Despite the cruel ejection of their friend from the line, the other Fakies were so deeply invested in the unbelievable wait that they just couldn't get out after all that time. Now even more irritable and mutinous, they still faced more hours marching through the queue lines. Although the smaller Fakie was just glad to get a day out while her foals were being cared for by the rest of the herd, the larger of the two Fakies was really getting cranky....

"Have you seen it go? I haven't seen it go in a while. Just wait! Now there's going to be an announcement...'The roller coaster is down, all you suckers''s probably broken!"
"I don't really care at this point because I'm so hot and thirsty!"

"You're in luck, then, because I see a pop machine coming up!"

"Four dollars for a CAN?!???"

"I don't care! I'm so thirsty and hot! I need a Coke!!!"
"Well, at least it ain't a RC Cola machine...fine..fine."

"Nothin's happening...I think they're out of Coke!"

"Ugh, alright. Maybe a Sprite then."

"I think you're out of luck again! Nothin's comin' out!"

Five minutes later, after trying more selections....
"Dude, all that's left is TAB!!!!!!! EWWW!!!"

Half an hour later....
"My hooves are KILLING me!"
"Mine too. I'm gonna have nothin' left but bloody stumps by the time this ordeal's over."

Forty five minutes later....
"Here we go again! I haven't seen it run for a while. I think I see maintenance stallions walking towards it!"
But the smaller Fakie has some issues and isn't listening. Something she found in the trash isn't settling well in her tummy....

"Oh man, pies in a pasture....I've got a gas bubble as big as my head. Maybe if I act normal nobody will guess I'm 'letting off some steam.' Hope it doesn't stink..."


"Yep, I am just going to go over there and die of embarrassment!"
"RAIN?! Did you just feel RAIN?!"


Meanwhile, some other unlucky ponies were about to get on one of the park's rides that was poised to have a mishap. The bunnies had ignored the inspector that had said the ride needed work because, after all, that would cost money that wasn't going towards a new ride or the next load of imported organic gourmet carrots for the executive bunnies. So the ponies were boarding, not a care in the world, with no idea that the ride wasn't going to be so pleasant....

"I LOVE this ride!!!!"
"Me too! It's so nice after some of those big, scary ones!"

And then it happened. When the baby pony operator started the ride, she noticed it was spinning awfully fast. And then faster. And then faster still. Before she could call for help the ride was totally out of control!

The ponies were sick beyond belief after that onslaught. They staggered off, so dizzy they could barely stand up...



Ah, just another day at Rainbowville. But how long do the bunnies have before the Fakies wage war?


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  2. I love that Coke machine! What is it from?

  3. Hi there! :) I dunno! It's my DH's from back when he was in college or maybe even from when he was a kid..I'll ask him when he gets back from his business trip. :)