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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Welcome X-Eers and MLP Arena members!

Welcome to those arriving from X-E  and
 MLP Arena!
 I've recently shared my blog link with the fine folks of these sites and extend greetings to anyone who has clicked to me from there. Thanks for stopping by! X-Entertainment is one of the Intarweb's best 80s nostalgia sites, hands-down and I highly suggest anyone who feels lucky to have been a kid in the 80s (or wishes they could have been!) give it a visit. It's especially over-the-top awesome at Christmas!

My Little Pony Arena happens to be a fantastic place for fans of MLPs and even those just curious to learn more about pony toys. Friendly, enthusiastic members of all ages from around the world gather here to socialize, buy, sell, and learn. Take a trip to the Forums to see what I mean. Did you know My Little Ponies were not just a United States thing?

No matter which site you're from, I'd love to hear from you. Say hello, goodbye, good afternoon, or send up a signal flare. Let me know your screenname on either site and feel free to share a link to your own site! Hope you stick around for a while. :)

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