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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More On Contests

UPDATE: Okay, friends, I'd really like to roll this contest out in time for New Year's :) I have some takers, so please drop me a comment if you're interested in being a part of the fun. I'd like to have at least 10 entrants for competition's sake...The Karate Kid would have sucked if the ending was just "Oh, you win, your opponent was busy in the bathroom." Looking at potential pony prizes, a Twice As Fancy Milky Way is my first choice, but there are others I may offer up... :)

The fabulous Bohemian from Arena lit a fire under my creativity's butt in regards to a potential pony giveaway contest. How about a great, glorious, grand gphoto gcontest gcalled....

Your New Year's Resolution Using Ponies
(And Other Toys Your Mother Wanted You To Throw Out Twenty Years Ago)?

The deets: Tell us what your NYR is, be it hopeful, funny, deadly serious, the annual renewal of oft-failed NYRs such as weight loss, and so on. You're more than welcome to use other 80s toys as long as a pony is used somehow to describe your resolution (as in, make the pony part of the story rather than just have her/him be a bystander). [A little change: You may use toys of YOUR childhood as well if you're not a kid of the 80s! G2 kids, for example, welcome! I just ask that you use toys you loved as a kid, nothing exclusively modern such as Monster High] I'll come up with a few appetizer photos to give you some ideas. The winner shall be crowned through judging by myself and the Helpful Friends behind the scenes at of PTT. Or we can do a poll if you don't trust us. And the winner shall be the new owner of a G1 My Little Pony. We can figure out who you guys want to be the prize down the road.

So what do you think?

New post coming soon. I needed to customize one of the favorite Brother ponies to pull this one off, so if you like the guy ponies, you'll love the new episode.


  1. Aw, I'm glad my comment was helpful! :) That's a greally great gidea. :P I trust you and your behind-the-scenes crew to do the judging! It's your contest, after all. ;) A contest I recently entered had trouble getting a decent amount of votes and it was held by an established forum, so I imagine it will work out better for you to judge, at least this time around. Should we send in one picture or a little story? I will definitely be entering, although I might have a hard time finding 80s toys as I am only barely a child of the 80s... Well, the ponies will enter, of course, and I have at least one other idea. ;) Looking forward to your inspirational appetizers!


  2. Hi there! Thanks for your comment :) I'd really love to do the contest, and I think it'd be best if I got at least 10 entries to up the competition you know? I see that KLECT posts on Arena so perhaps no one would mind if I put the official announcement on Arena? I'm looking through ponies for ideas and the one that stands out to use as a prize is a TAF Milky Way. I know she's a popular one!

    I'm going to leave it up to people on how they want to do this...creativity encouraged. I'd say the only rule is just photos, no video. Gosh I guess I'm being discriminatory with my 80s toys thing :) The photos can just use ponies...that's fine...or if there's another toy of your childhood you'd like to use that's fine too. Just looking for people's childhood stuff as opposed to brand new (like Monster High with MLP or something).

    Hoping to have a new post tomorrow :) Christmas has been kicking my butt! Thanks for your loyalty and I really look forward to seeing your entry :D

  3. Yeah, 10 sounds like a good minimum number (and I LOLed at your justification!). I think it would be fine to advertise on the Arena, I believe I've seen similar posts over there.

    Creativity is good! I hope there are a lot of unique entries. Thanks for clarifying, I can definitely do childhood toys (I've saved all the best ones, of course!). That should make things really interesting because I don't think toy photography was as popular back in the dark ages before widespread internet use - so people will be a little more on their own when it comes to posing and general setup! No copying your favorite Monster High photographer and such... ;)

    Haha it's definitely the time of year when things get crazy...I'll be thinking hard about my entry while I wrap, munch, and carol... :P Good luck with the contest, I really hope you get enough entries!

    As for the prize - I'll have to go look up TAF Milky Way because I'm not familiar with her, but anything that starts with TAF sounds like a pretty awesome prize to me. :D

  4. ^ That's me, Bohemian - I figured out how not to be anonymous. ^_^;

  5. Here's a link that shows the TAF ponies:

  6. Hi Holly! :)

    Well I can't wait to see your entry! One of my partners-in-crime whose G1s I sometimes use here is going to do a sample photo to get everyone going. I'm going to drop a post on Arena about it this week :) I so appreciate all of your input on everything :D

    TAF Milky Way is so pretty...she's got a great pose and a great color combo. I happen to have three of them though and she seems very popular so I think she'd be a good prize :) Imagine how many entries I'd get if Mimic was the prize though LOL! Thank you to whoever posted the link for Holly BTW!