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Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Links For Yoo

Added some new links to the paltry list on your right. I won't be adding many over time, you see, only the tiptop of my Favorites list. Perhaps there are more of you out there that have my particular problem of harboring far too many obsessions which may or may not have some connection to each other. Hours are spent with ever-drying eyeballs screaming for moisture as you stare, owl-like, at the thirty two different tabs you've opened, slowing your computer down to a painful crawl. You hear a tiny voice inside your laptop (that sounds like a man wearing an elf suit in my laptop) begging for the madness to stop, but you plow on. Each new site you find triggers yet more openings of tabs until your button below switches from the name of the website to "ENOUGH ALREADY." An alphabetically-sorted Rolodex of all these "interests" of mine would fill a wheel the size of the Price Is Right's Big Wheel, but for sanity's sake I post here only-

1) MLP-related sites
2) 80s-related sites
3) "Retro" sites that may span a number of decades
4) Kitsch sites that focus on the weirdness of times past
5) Sites that do not relate to anything above but somehow, in some dark recess of my mind, may still relate to something I post here. I may also be rubbing my hands together diabolically in hopes that you, too, will become obsessed with the topic on the site.

I have a thing about researching the history of the Chernobyl disaster, but, really, I think that's going a bit too far to link to that stuff, isn't it? There's the vague connection of "Chernobyl happened in the 80s" and "MLP was born in the 80s" but that's stretching it so far a giant slingshot would be jealous. Though if reading about cheerful plastic ponies ever makes you consider the implications of a serious Soviet nuclear disaster that happened over twenty years ago, I will be more than happy to provide you with links!

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