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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Episode 1-2

It seems like there isn't a pony alive that doesn't love the amusement park. Rainbowville is the place to go when ponies have birthdays, classes take trips, or parent ponies want to test their ability to handle hyperactive ponies devouring mass quantities of sugar....

Ponies stream into the park every day looking forward to the joys within... the Ferris wheel....

...the endless array of junk food, including the park's famous "Eat Until You Explode" Twizzler buffet....

...and playing games that are physically impossible to win, lorded over by shady bunnies who seem to find glee in their failures....

..but what the ponies don't know is how they're contributing to the heartbreaking secret the park's been hiding....


"Gosh, the workers here always look so happy. They seem really young though..."
"Oh, you know how ponyceutical facials are making everyone look so young anymore! They're probably all old codger ponies or something under all that Ponitox."
"Hah, you're probably right, but man, they could have fooled me."

" you know where the, uh...commode is?"
"Nature calls, eh? There's probably one around here if we look. Never really spent much time in this part of the park."

"I don't recognize this at all. Are you sure the bathroom's over here? This looks like some sort of paddock and I'm not using a field with no privacy!"
"Oh you know these places! Restrooms every ten feet! If we just keep going I'm sure we'll run into..."

"...some sort of...holding pen? What the?"
"Oh my God, where are we?"

"Holy high oats in heaven! It's a crapload of baby ponies!"
"And they don't look too good, either! What's going on here?!"

"Pleeeeease! Help us!"
"I'm so hungry!"
"I have diaper rash and it burns! Help me!"

And the baby ponies joined voices to plea for the big ponies' help...
"Please! Save us! Don't leave us!"

"I think I'm going to vomit! What are we going to do?!"
"I don't know yet, but we're going to save those babies if it's the last thing we do..."

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