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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween from PTT!

"Okay, kids! Now you two listen to your older sister while you trick or treat. Mommy's got to answer the door for other trick or treaters so whatever she says goes, you hear me? Just watch out for ghosts and other spooky things tonight!"

The kids look to the sky but big sis scoffs at them
"Please! Ghosts are foals' stories. Us big kids know better!"
One of the twins whispers "But...but, ghosts is real!"

"Why are you sissies so worked up?! Still worried about those ghosts are we?"
In unison the twins yell "BUT GHOSTSES IS REAL!!!!"
"Give me a break! C'mon, hurry up, I got stuff to do later that isn't kid's stuff. I don't have time for you and your...."


"Run, run, you little stumpy-legged plugs!!!!!!"
Terrified but also slightly annoyed that big sis didn't listen to them a twin bellows "We told you, POOPYHEAD!"

"I just luv Hajjoween, lots of tweats for us, nuffin but tricks for dem! Now oo go down dere and get me those Speshoo Dawk baws does dum ponies dropped!"

Happy Halloween!

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