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Friday, March 4, 2011

The My Little Love Story Winner!

Congratulations! You guys really got us with this one. Had I known how difficult it would be to judge this contest, I probably would have just had everyone say "YAY PONIEZ," pick a number, and then let a random number generator choke up a number. Let's blasted our butts with:

1) Adorable stories
2) Pathetic stories
3) Touching stories
4) Funny stories
5) Extremely romantic stories
6) Triumphant stories

Why so cruel?! You got me in all my soft spots! The entries were overall so loveable that it pained me to have to pick one. Alas, I did have to pick one....or did I?

"Hi, everyone! My name's Bedraggled Pony and I'm here to bring you the results of the My Little Love Story contest! I have big news for you, too. There's been a change to the winner's circle because..."

"Yah, oo is smart, Chokkolat Bunny! I has taut oo well!"

"No, you two long-eared creeps! What are you doing here, anyway? Are you everywhere, or what? This is my presentation! Get lost! I actually have good news and you're messing with my zen thing here! See, because the humans just couldn't agree on who the winner was...."

"ARGH! Is it too much for a pony to ask to do this alone?! Well, cat's out of the bag. You heard it right...the humans picked two winners. Now get off my back!"

I made the executive order to choose two winners when I just happened to come across a second Milky Way since the contest began! Of course I didn't tell you guys. What's the fun in not springing a surprise on you? And I reeeeeally like surprises (keep that in mind for the future....). Thank goodness I did find a second because that took the edge off the excruciating pain in the behind it was to choose just one without losing our minds but, frankly, I still wish I could give everyone a prize. I could come up with a reason for every dang entry to win. ::facepalm::We truly enjoyed your entries so much, friends! Give yourselves a big pony hug right now and say "PTT loves me for being so rad." Because we do. The bunnies don't, though.


You both will have the joy and fun of dying to get a pony package in the mail! Time to stalk the mail person! Listen for any sounds that may be a mailbox opening! Feel the pulsing disappointment when you discover there's no package today!

As hard as it was to pick, these two kept coming to mind..and I'm thrilled to be able to treat you both! Let me introduce you to the lucky couples...

Katgyrl's Blossom and 4-Speed
4-Speed had been working big trucks all his life. He had worked on some of the greatest buildings known in all of Ponyland. Those who worked with him respected him and admired his diligence and hard work. When a job was given, he stuck to it like honey to a bushwooley. And then the accident happened. Another pony crashed their truck into 4-Speeds, causing his engine to catch on fire and knocking him unconscious in the driver’s seat. Other ponies were able to pull him out, but not before the fire charred his face. He survived, but was left with a horrible brown scar that forever reminded him of that day.

Because of his maimed appearance, other ponies no longer wanted to be around him. His friends were still polite, but avoided him whenever they could. 4-Speed began to sink into depression and believe that he would never be able to enjoy the company of another pony again.

But there was a filly that had been watching him from the quiet shadows. Blossom had noticed 4-Speed’s gentle heart, like when he paused to return a baby pony’s fallen bottle despite the anxious glances of the foal’s mother. She had always been too shy to approach him until one day she came upon him sitting by himself beneath a tall oak tree. That day she mustered up her courage and spoke to him. They both quickly realized how much they had in common, and before the end of the day had fallen in love. It had only been a week when 4-Speed asked Blossom to marry him, but Blossom knew she would not find another stallion like 4-Speed in the world.

They married under the oak tree where they first met, and every day their love deepens as they live life together and grow ever closer, as best friends should.

Sakuyamon's Sundance and Sweet Clover
It was many years ago now, when Sundances owner was a mere foal herself. It had been a christmas with snow deep and stars dancing, a gift with a big lovely bow was opened and revealed Sweet Clover. Sweetly their eyes met as their owner began to play with them together, like yin and yang they mirrored eachothers shy pose. In the young girls games they were lovers, not knowing of right and wrong, female and male. All they knew was their joyous love, their adventurous love!
Twenty years passed by, games changed and stopped, Sundance's and Sweet Clower's owner became busy with other things, but the love never disappeared! No oh! Still togheter! Many ponies joined their herd but for Sundance there was only sweet Sweet Clower. Through and through, they were always together. Lovely, sweetly, lovingly, always together! They knew they would never part, untill the end of time, even after their hair faded! It is true, true love!!! Together they sing "It was enchanting to meet you!"

This is a true story, ever since I got Sweet Clover she has been the constant lover of Sundance. Back then I didnt know about "girl love" but even now when I do, I still think they are a perfect match. I dunno why, if its that they mirror each other or something but I guess perhaps there are toys which are fated for each other...


Sigh. Adorable, ain't they? I loved this contest. You're all winners in my book for creating so many heartwarming tales. Thank you again, entrants, for your stories and your participation! I truly appreciate your loyalty. <3

The album of all the entries is being worked soon as I have the link, I'll post it for you. Photobucket just wasn't cutting it for this one. And I will have a bit of news about the next contest in that entry. I think you'll see why this contest was so difficult to judge when you check out all of the entries!

Congratulations again to the winners! I'll be contacting you for your mailing information!


  1. Both of those are great stories. good choices. I shouldn't be saying that, cause I didn't win, but I just really can't argue with these two picts.

  2. which one was your entry?

  3. What great stories :-) Congrats to the winners! Can't wait to see the rest of the entries!

  4. I can't figure out how to post the other entries. :( I'm thinking of just starting a new LiveJournal account and save that for posting backup things like entries. Tried all this week to dig up someone with extra web space I could use and nada.

    Doing these contests are really fun but I get guilty that I can't just make everyone a winner. :( I'm way too emo over this! :P