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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Contest! "My Little Love Story"

Finally! It's time to give away another pony! I heart my readers and here's another chance for me return the love....with the My Little Love Story photo contest!

It's simple. Do you have two ponies that are the lovebirds of your collection? Maybe they've always been together, ever since you first got them as a kid....or maybe when she or he showed up in your growing collection it was love at first sight for one of your existing ponies. Maybe their colors just work. Maybe their symbols make it seem like they'd have something in common. Maybe you just know they're in love. No matter the reason, I want to hear about your happy couple!

The winner will be the new happy owner of a G1 Twice As Fancy Milky Way MLP! Isn't she a gorgeous gal? TAF ponies are just too cute to begin with, and then you cover one in glittery stars? And make her a unicorn? And add a random blue streak of hair?! This is why we love ponies, folks!

Here's an example of an entry to get your creativity flowing! Thanks to Kelly Wade for submitting her pony couple. They've been together since her childhood, I hear...

Slugger and Whizzer
He was a superstar baseball player stallion. She was a top speed flying Pegasus. They were the perfect match. Slugger and Whizzer first met during the annual picnic and field day, held every spring once the weather got warm. Whizzer caught Slugger’s attention when she was competing in the sky obstacle course. She set a new record; completing the course in just a minute and 40 seconds (most Pegasus ponies could finish in 2 minutes)! Slugger was impressed by her speed and desire to win. He had to meet her. After the competition Slugger went to congratulate Whizzer. Their eyes met, and everything around them seemed to just….freeze. It was love at first sight. Slugger couldn’t stop gazing into Whizzer’s beautiful twinkling eyes. After that Whizzer and Slugger spent all their time together. She attended his baseball games, he attended her flying competitions. One day Slugger asked Whizzer to marry him, and she eagerly accepted. The two were married in the gardens around the Paradise Estate and lived happily ever after.
Want to enter? Here's the rules! Learn it...know it!
You may send your entries to me through My Little Pony Arena PM via the contest thread on Pony Corral, or you may email them to me at Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, of course!
1) To enter, submit both a photo of the couple and an explanation of why these two ponies found each other. As many details about them as you'd like to share is a plus! Remember, you're surrounded by like-minded people who won't think it odd no matter how elaborate the tale is. :) This can be a long story, just a little blurb, or whatever strikes your fancy. The ponies also don't need to have their given names; Slugger doesn't have to be Slugger if, in your imagination, his name is Babe!
 2) Just one photo, please. Yes, you may use Photoshop to add text, effects, or whatever you'd like. But basically think of this as being your "portrait" shot of the're welcome to be as creative as you want to be in showing us the two ponies together.
3) While I ask that the couple be two ponies, they do not have to be girl/boy couples. If you have a girl/girl or boy/boy couple, that's just fine. Love is love! :) This is an equal opportunity blog. <3   ^_^   <3
4) International entries are great! You do not have to be from the USA.
5) When it comes to judging, myself and the Friends of PTT go off of gut. Our first impressions are the ones that stick usually. Humor may win, or a triumphant love story may win, or an incredibly cute story may win...there is no particular type of entry we'll place higher than another.  What does stand out is a liberal dose of imagination and a carefully thought out plan when it comes to telling us your story!
6) I will need a mailing address to send your pony to, so if you're in a situation where someone in your household may have an issue with giving out an address online, please take this into consideration...thank you!
7) The deadline for entries is February 28. Winners will be announced by March 4! The winner will be posted on PTT and all entries will be available for viewing in a special album!
I can't wait to see your entries! The world needs a little more love around, so show the world your heartwarming pony love stories!


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  2. ENTRIES ALREADY ROLLING IN! That's a great sign...I suspect this will be a popular contest! If you'd like to enter, have no hesitation...I'm really enjoying the entries so far and the more, the merrier. In fact, if I get enough...I may add a second prize to the offerings. ;)

  3. What a great contest! I'll have to try to enter!

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  4. Please do, Brooke! This has been a blast so far. The entries have been creative and entertaining as all get out. If anyone reading is on the fence about entering, feel the love and join in on the fun! :)