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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Deadline almost here!

Heads Up, Pony Fans!

The February 28th deadline for My Little Love Story is almost here! Working on your entry? Have any questions? Feel free to ask here if you're befuddled. I'm still getting great entries and welcome your addition to the pool! You can send me your entry at or via the contest thread on MLP Arena. We can't wait to see your entry!


  1. Yay, my entry has been submitted! :D I can't wait to see the results of the contest, but first I'm going to head over to the Arena and see what some of the other entries look like. I did not check them beforehand, I hope I didn't have the same idea as someone else...!

  2. what's the link to see the entries already submitted?

  3. Hi Holly! Yep, I did get everything just fine! Thank you so much for entering! :D I'm happy you got a chance to enter this time too. ^_^

    No link for the entries yet...judges will get the entries printed out most likely and then readers will get a link once the winners are decided. :)