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Monday, January 17, 2011

Closing In On A Winner

Just an update...50% of the votes are in for PTT's New Year's Resolution contest! There is a clear winner so far, but anything can happen still. As soon as I know the last votes and make a final call on it, I'll be posting the winner here on PTT and on My Little Pony Arena. Thanks so much again, everyone, for your entries and interest in PTT. I love having a place to let my imagination run wild and share some fun with like-minded folks; it's my pleasure to give a little back to readers!

Did you miss this contest? It's okay...coming in February just in time for Valentine's Day is yet another chance to win in the
My Little Love Story Photo Contest!
Who's your favorite pony couple? Is it an obvious match-up or proof that opposites attract? Have you created a back story on how the lovebirds met? I want to see your pony couples and hear what tale your imagination has created about the happy couple. To the winner will go a beautiful G1 Twice As Fancy Milky Way MLP! More details to come in February, but start dreaming up your entries now!

Coming soon is the next installment of My Little Trony and, of course, yet another episode of our ongoing bunnies vs. Fakies vs. real ponies showdown. The Fakies will learn that to defeat their foes and find themselves on equal hoofing in life, a long journey to discovery is in order. What mystical beings will help them uncover the path to victory? And in My Little Trony, Pigskynn will face the terrible truth that he's in a world he just can't comprehend, doomed to do battle for something he doesn't even want. Who is behind this place and why was it created? And will he ever get out? The answers might surprise you....

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